• Monday to Saturday:
    8am – 4pm

  • 621 Dundas Street
    London, Ontario

  • Sunday:
    9am – 3pm

  • We're so glad you're here!

    Dough EV came from owner Tara Davies' desire to create quality donuts made with simple ingredients, full of nostalgia. Donut flavours are seasonal and modern, with some old school favourites. Vegan options available everyday, because we believe small changes can make a big impact.

    Our coffee program headed up by Juan Marulanda (bean wizard) is rooted in education, and creativity. We are hoping to remove the gatekeeping aspect of really well crafted coffee. Dough EV plans to truly drive the specialty coffee scene in London by inviting everyone to join.

    The Root Cellar's space was – and still is – extremely important to OEV and London at large. We do not take the responsibility of being caretakers of this room lightly. We hope to continue Ellie and Jeff's legacy of community, responsibility, gathering, and fun.

Made fresh daily


Our donuts are made fresh every day on site with a passion for flavour and quality.

We use the incomparable Arva Flour to craft every batch of dough, which creates the base for handmade toppings with a few fun guys thrown in there for the kids (or young at heart). Taste should always come first and is always prioritized in our kitchen.

If nostalgic approachable donuts are your jam, then we are your donut shop.

Current Flavours


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Invite Dough EV to any event and we will always show up to impress your guests. We offer mini and XL donuts and can create special or unique flavours for a development fee.

Call the shop today to discuss your next big or small event.

Brewed for Everyone


At Dough EV, our vision is to communicate a simple message: coffee is for everyone. We will provide our community with a selection that will truly open the door to specialty coffee.

By consistently serving single origins, we will introduce both sides of the same coin. A comfortable chocolaty taste for those who enjoy the simple things in life, as well as a variety of flavours that will challenge the way in which coffee "should" taste.

  • House Roast

    Rabbit Hole Coffee Roasters is our house roaster, and we will be offering their beans every day so you can see a familiar face. We believe dearly in Sophi's + David's values, and we feel incredibly honoured to be able to have them be part of our home.

  • Rotating Roasts

    We also feature different roasteries, bring both familiar names and roasteries that many people have not heard of. We want to keep everyone on their toes, and encourage our patrons to expand their pallet without compromising anyone's ritual.

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